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The Paddington Place by Empire East Land Holdings takes pride in providing its future residents with the luxurious lifestyle they can only expect when on vacation. Therefore, the developers went out of their way to ensure that the future condo unit owners will be satisfied in their own home. The residential tower is fully packed with facilities and amenities that are designed to make your life easier and more efficient. In addition, they are designed with your lifestyle needs in mind.

The first and most notable amenity available at The Paddington Place is The Pad. This is a lifestyle mall/commercial area that is available on the first two floors of the residential tower. These commercial spaces are provided at the convenience of the unit owners. If you need to replenish your supply at home or you need to get something, there is no need to travel to the nearest mall. You simply have to go to the designated commercial area within the building to get what you need. It makes your life easy and convenient – plus it can save you time too!

Another great amenity in this condominium tower is the lobby. The lobby features a modern and luxurious design that creates quite an impression! The lobby is where you can find the concierge ready to assist you with any concerns. They can address the needs of residents and guests alike. There is also a common toilet at the ground floor. A mail room is provided for every unit owner; hence, you can get your receipts, bills, and other types of mail in your designated mail box. 

The elevator is located at the lobby for easy access for going in and out of your unit. The elevator is high-speed and has spacious interiors as well. Meanwhile, the entire building is made with glass walls. This is an eco-friendly design concept that will enable the residents to enjoy and maximize the use of natural lighting during the day. 

The amenity zone is the main focus when talking about facilities and amenities available at The Paddington Place. It is located on the 7th floor, along with some residential units. Meanwhile, the fitness gym is located on the 8th floor of this condominium tower. This fitness gym center is fully equipped with the latest workout equipment and accessories you need to stay fit. Hence, there is no need to spend monthly on your gym membership because this facility is available for free for all residents of this condominium. 

There are also a few other modern facilities designed for use by the residents. For example, the Function Room can be used as a place for meetings, conferences, and other special events. There is also a bigger Function Hall if you need more space or if you are holding an event with more people. The Garden Deck or Terraced Gardens provide you with a sense of nature on a vertical space. It is therefore a great place to go to when you need to relax and spend some quiet time each day to reflect.

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